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Need a Low Chargeback, No Holdback gateway CrispInfocare is the ideal solution
If your business falls under the prototype of ‘high risk’ then growing and expanding your business may become a serious problem due to the hassles being bombarded through the restrictions and other trading norms by the domestic banks. If you own a high risk business then the difficulties that you will face in getting the merchant account by the domestic banks cannot be ignored and in some cases, your request may also get turned down. Crisp Infocare LCG(Low Charge Back Gateway) in such a situation is ideally placed to assist you.
- No hold back of funds the client get 100% less the charges
- Our voucher platform is designed to help you sell more
- Boost sales (attract New Customers and boost your business by accepting Crisp Infocare LCG(Low Charge Back Gateway) LCG Vouchers
- Save time and money
- Plugs into you website; (API is uploaded)
- Customizable Branding; (Vouchers are fully customizable to fit your company look and feel.
- Multi -Currency; (Sell vouchers in your local currency USD, EUR, GBP, DEN, and many more)
- Smartphone redemption APP; (Scan your customer s vouchers in real time to save time and reduce cost)
- Online Control panel Crisp Infocare LCG(Low Charge Back Gateway) LCG is web based and entirely self-service so you are always in control of your vouchers
- PCI Compliant
- Payment Gateway
- Comprehensive Fraud Protection
- 3D Secure processing
- State of the art Customer Support and Client tech support

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card options for both startups & established centers